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Cowbred Mares to help you with your ranch work needs as well as being able to go play on the weekends.

We are trying real hard to get back to the basics, the best of the legendary original foundation Quarter Horse Lineage.


As with anything, we truly believe the FOUNDATION is the most important aspect on any project. If you do NOT have the proper foundation you will fail.  We believe the TEMPERAMENT of your horse should the foremost trait to study. 


A Good Mom goes hand in hand with Temperament of both her and her offspring.  Our mares all have Great Confirmation, Heavy Boned, Outstanding Bloodlines, and most can be ridden.


We are also trying to perfect the all around horse.  Not everyone is going to want to barrel race, work cattle, jump, or go trail riding all of the time.  Our goal is to have horses that will work cattle during the week, can go compete on the weekends , and if you want to just go on a leisurely ride,that wont be a problem either.  


We work very hard to ensure that the babies are handled enough to want to be with us, but not cuddled so much that they wont work for you.  We want our horse to take care of you, their new owner in any direction you want to be taken to.


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